Trial To Commit

Trial periods vary. Upon meeting there is the "onset period" which is between 1 and 3 days. This is the introduction where I determine if I want to put you through a trial period. If I like what I see and hear you will be given a trial. It is, as you know, possible I may form a nearly immediate dislike for you in which case I will not bother.

A true trial is 30 days though I will usually accept 14 days. I have upon rare occasions broken trial periods into 3 or 4 day periods with set conditions. However, if your trial is broken into several segments, you will conduct yourself as my property at all times whether you are in my presence or not. I expect absolute discretion and I assure the same. Only those who are involved in this life know of this life. Rarely is there an exception made. If you do not conduct yourself properly, if you disobey or speak of this life without permission, you will be severely punished.

I expect you to have an I.Q. greater than your shoe size though you do not have to be a genius. I expect you to conduct yourself in a manner befitting your station in life. I expect you to be D&D free and clean as long as you are allowed to be during this time.

You have read and I assume you understand. If you are a slave or desire to become a slave and wish to be considered, use the contact page on this site. Do not reply on any other site.

**On occasions, I have taken a slave 24/7 without a trial period. Circumstances or needs created the necessity. If this is what you prefer make it known on your contact form.**


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