I absolutely guarantee only four things. 1. You will not be killed. 2.You will have no bones broken. 3. You will have no teeth broken or lost. 4. I will leave no obvious permanent scars on your body. These things I guarantee absolutely. If you come to me you can know that it is an ordeal you will survive. If you decide to leave after your trial, all you will carry permanently will be the memories of what it is to have no control over your own existence.

 When you arrive and surrender, you will be broken. You will know that I own you and that I do as I please. You will be chained, you will be punished, you will be humiliated. If you object it will only get worse until you know it is fruitless to resist. You will kneel and you will be thankful for any and every kindness shown to you. You will be thankful for food, you will be thankful to be allowed to bathe, you will be thankful to be allowed to stand, you will appreciate everything you now take for granted. You exist for my comfort and pleasure, nothing more. What I want from you, I get from you. If this means I take it by force then that is what I will do. You deny me nothing. I speak, you act, period.

Do not tell me you want to chat and get to know me first, I can lie for months same as you. Do not tell me you want to see a pic of me so you can see who you are thinking about surrendering to. Looks make no difference to you because as a slave you will fuck or suck whoever I tell you to when I tell you to. This does not mean I intend to use you as a whore, this is simply making the point that it IS my option to order you service another should I so choose. You have NO rights or say in the matter. Your looks matter to me because the superficial dictates your use as much as your abilities.

If this sounds harsh to you or sounds insane to you then you are a blind individual that is clueless to the reality of the past, clueless to the reality of what the word "slavery" actually means. I am kind compared to yesteryear so do not think this is crossing the lines of civility, it isn't. Slavery in itself is a risk. Either you take the risk or you do not. I am simply telling you how it is, not how the games are played. If you are not willing to walk into this blind, on my word, then you are no slave.

If you are reading this and you are one of these "holier than thou" women who will stand on her soapbox and bitch at me because I objectify women or bring women down, don't waste your breath. Allow me to clarify something for you. I do not view ALL women this way, only those who ARE this way. It is their choice, I do not push anything on them, I only make use of what they are by nature. I view other women with all respect they are due and I honor their life choices. I view a lady as a lady, a slut as a slut, and a slave as a slave, and I will treat each as they present themselves to me.


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