The Other Side

Now that you have read what you may be facing, let Me explain what you are facing.

You will have a normal life out of My presence. Though you will conduct yourself according to the limits you are given. I will teach you, I will help you, I will protect you, as will any others I own. You will be part of something larger than yourself. There will always be someone supporting you and willing to help or guide you. No one will know that you are owned. To the outside world you will be a person of high character and unimpeachable morals. You will be desired as a whole by men and not just looked at as something they want to fuck. You will be considered a "lady" in the true sense of the word and you will be a lady in the true sense of the word. No one will know that you are a piece of meat in My presence and living a life that was once only guarded thoughts and fantasies.  To them, you are untouchable, pure and honest. To Me, you are a possession , to do with as I please. You will have both worlds, separate, never to be revealed.

I have met many women, such as yourself perhaps, who desired to be chained, whipped, tied, made filthy, caged, forced to do unspeakable things, and indulge in other socially unacceptable behavior. Many women crave such treatment but will not dare speak of it for fear of being ridiculed or condemned. Some even think they are sick or have some mental problem because they desire these things. I and any I own both understand and accept those who are this way. It is just the way some women are "wired" and should not be looked down upon. I do not care what you crave, how sick or twisted society may think it is, you will be accepted, understood, and supported as a slave.

You can and will trust completely, and you will not be disappointed. You will be trusted, and you will not disappoint Me. Be what you are, give totally, and you will never have felt so free as you will in chains.

Discretion is absolutely guaranteed, and I demand the same.


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