Know This

In the beginning, you are meat. You are something to be used for whatever I choose to use you for. You would be treated as an acquired slave would have been treated 300 years ago, not unlike an animal. You would be chained when you are not in use, you would be silent unless spoken to or told to speak or make noise. You would follow every order given you without question and failure to do so would be met with harsh punishment.


There are no safe words. The only limits you have are those I set for you. When you walk into this, you are IN and there is no escape before the end of your trial. You ARE property! I do with you as I please! At the end of your trial, your release is negotiated. This is the only time you have rights or choices. Until your release, your treatment depends largely on your actions. The more you succumb and adapt, the better you are treated, the more rights you have, the more freedoms you have.


Do NOT mistake this for the usual "Master", "Mistress", "Dom", "Sub", rulebook "slavery" you read about online. This is a different world for a different type of individual. This IS reality!

Now, do not assume by the harsh words that I am some half wit macho moron who does not have the intellect nor compassion to appreciate the gentleness of the one sex that perpetuates the existence of the species. Do not assume that I am too power tripped to appreciate an intellect or a gift such as artistic traits or musical skills. Do not assume that I would not engage in stimulating conversation or appreciate what you actually are as a person. I miss very little and take nothing for granted. The point of my treatment in the beginning is to establish that you are indeed a slave, that you recognize your place, and who you belong to. Any gift or trait you have is recognized and appreciated, simply because it is part of My property. And yes, I do care for and guard that which is mine much as you would any animal you own.

I am a 50 year old, Caucasian, 5'11", 160 lbs., and I have been a slave Owner over 20 years and I have never played the "game".





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