Use the contact form below. Include your first name, your birth date, any experience you have, and a detailed description. If I am interested I may ask for photos so have some available.

Contacts are verified. Do not waste your time submitting your ex's email or a fake email, it is pointless and juvenile.

And, for those who don't seem to know how this works, you have to fill in your email and actually write something for me to know who to contact! You can not just simply press the "submit" button and expect an answer. This is not rocket science, use your brain.

However, if you do submit a form and do not receive a reply within 48 hours, submit another just in case the site is not working properly. Also check your Spam folder before resubmitting. I do reply to all I receive.

AGAIN!! For the endless supply of brain damaged cunts who think this is a swinging door, it is not! If you accept my terms and conditions, and    IF I ACCEPT YOU, YOU ARE IN UNTIL I RELEASE YOU!! DO NOT SUBMIT UNLESS YOU  KNOW AND AGREE TO THIS!

Simply submitting this form does not lock you into anything, it only expresses your desire to be considered.


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